Sell Flexible Graphite Rolls

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Flexible graphite is manufactured from mineral graphite (expandable flake graphite) . It is also called Grafoil or graphite foil. As its name indicates, flexible graphite is flexible. It is an ideal material for gasketing and sealing applications. It can also be used in many other applications including EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding & gasketing, heat dissipation, lubrication, stress sensing, vibration damping, and other thermal or electronic or electrochemical applications.
DJ010-B Industrial Grade (Fluid Sealing Grade) Roll
This is the most commonly used grade, 99% carbon content. As gasket material, it is usually fabricated into Graphite Laminate, and widely used in fluid sealing applications: flange gasket, spiral wound gasket, heat exchanger gasket, etc. It can also be used as solid lubricant in metal stamping and forming applications, or as heat liner in industrial furnaces and other heating devices. DJ010-B equals to Grafoil GTB grade.
DJ010-A Premium Grade (Nuclear Grade)
This grade has a high carbon content of 99.5% minimum (typically 99.8%) . It is designed for sealing applications in radioactive environment, nuclear plant, or other applications that require materials of ultra high purity. 2010-A equals to Grafoil GTA grade.
Standard Sizes
Thickness: 0.15mm to 1.0mm;
Width: 500mm,1000mm,1500mm;
Custom sizes are also available per special order.