Sell Flexible Graphite Sheet

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Flexible graphite (board) material is made of natural flake graphite as raw materials by certain chemical processing, high inflation and the instantaneous rolling, It is a manufacturing graphite composite plate, graphite Strip, graphite packing and sealing gasket, such as the foundation materials of graphite sealing. it can also be used directly in the low-pressure observation flange holes, water level tables, case cover and other part of the sealing etc. it has such advantages as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, radioactive, self-lubricating, not permeability and each wizard sexual etc.

Temperature: -200 0 - +1650 0 in the non-oxidative medium -200 0 - +850 0 medium in the oxidation

Pressure :0-10 .0 Mpa.

Available specifications: thickness with

(Volume) material: 0.15mm ~ 1.5mm

Plate: 0.2mm ~ 3.0m width of 100mm ~ 1500mm