Sell Flexible Graphite Tape

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Flexible Graphite Tape
This tape was cutted of flexible graphite rolls, Graphite tape filler for spiral wound gasket,
In-situ pump and valve gland packing, Manufacture of graphite packing rings, Facing material for camprofile type gaskets, Filler for metal jacketed type gaskets.
Also manufacture Crinkled Graphite Tape.

Length for one roll:50M;80M;100M,120M

Test item Test result
Tolerance of thicknss : 10.03mm
Tolerance of density : 10.05g/cm3
Ash content : 0.42%
Carbon content : 99.30%
Tensile strength : 4.5Mpa
Compressibility : 54.73%
Resilience rate : 10.21%
Ignition loss 4500C : <= 1%
6000C : <= 20%
Chlorine content : 30ppm