Sell Flight Training, Type Ratings, PPC's, Building flight time on Piston, Turbo-Prop or Large Commercial Jets

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ATIS118.8 Flight training: Offes different programs which are made to suit new pilots or pilots seeking recurrency of their expired tickets.
These below programs:
1- are called (All inclusive) because it includes the flight training and
ALL the needed accomodations during the scheduled program.
2- are Canadian accelerated programs as approved by Transport
Canada M. O. T. and shall be completed within the program
dates (see Enrollment Form)
3- are conducted mainly in Canada, but occasionally some of these
below programs are conducted in the USA due to Training
Equipments or schedule availability.

IV - Flight Training: (All inclusive programs)
S5 - Pilot training for Ultra-Light, (English & French)
S6 - Flight training Private through Commercial, Multi engine - IFR, (English & French)
S7 - Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC) for different types of multi-piston
S8 - Pilot building time on single or multi engine piston aircraft
S9 - Type Ratings: on Jet or Turbo-prop aircraft
S10- Pilot building time on Turbo-prop aircraft
S11- Pilot building time on Jet aircraft

Our studends are mainly from: The Persian Gulf , arabic countries, Africa, Europe, Asia, Caribbean Islands and South America.

How to Enroll?

I- To enroll in one of the below ALL inclusive program, send us immediately an E-mail to receive the Enrollment Form between the 15th May and the 25th of May, 2007 (No phone calls prior Order Form has been approved)

Your E-mail shall include the following:

1- Prefered class session (see below schedule)
2- Number of students to attend the class,
3- Each student Country name and portable phone no. .
4- Desired Program reference (select from below
S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10 or S11)
5- Level of education
6- Objective to achieve