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Introducing Flitrap from Muscatech the brand new innovation in pest control.

Flitrap is a unique, low cost, high quality product, designed to attract and kill flies!

Reasons to choose Flitrap

Kills Flies  traps them and breaks the breeding cycle in the area. Attracts flies over a 20 metre radius by the emission of odours that entice them into the trap from which there is no escape!

Unique  the only product of its kind with a specially formulated fly attractant and robust patented trap to be used outdoors.

Clean and Safe  with no use of toxic chemicals, it is safe fro all kinds of environment, from general household to commercial premises.

Hygienic - can help to reduce the risk of illness caused by flies in the home.

Re-usable  the trap can be easily washed and used time and time again with replacement attractant sachets.

Award Winning  Flitrap has won international awards in many countries from South Africa to Sweden.

Eliminate flies and reduce the spread of disease!

We tend to see flies as a minor irritation, but it is a known fact that they are the major carriers of disease throughout the world.

. There are approximately 120,000 species of flies worldwide

. Flies breed extremely rapidly and pose a constant health threat to humans and animals.

. Flies also carry disease on their bodies and transfer these when in contract with other surfaces.

. There are over 3000 species of common housefly which are capable of spreading infection.

Easy to use

Simply unscrew the trap lid, add attractant, pour in a cup of warm water and gently swirl to mix, then replace the lid.
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