Sell Floatless Switches

Floatless Switches You May Also Be Interested In: general purpose relay pcb relay ssr warning lights water level controller
1) Product name: water level controller
2) Item no. : F1
3) Also we can make it as per your special requirements

Outer packing:
we can supply you all kinds of those series.

Our major products as followings:

1) General purpose relay, such as, FINDER TYPE:70 series, 60 series, 55 series, 57 series etc, OMRON TYPE: MK series, MY series, LY series etc.

2) Power relay, JQX-40F, JQX-13F, JQX-38F, JQX-52F and etc.

3) Solid state relay, like SSR-DA, SSR-AA and etc.

4) PCB relay, like JQX-14FC, T73 and etc.

5) Device protected relay, like JVM-1, APR-3A, PU-NA and etc.

6) Time relay, like ST3P series, H3CR series, AH3 series and etc.

7) Timer and time switch, like 24 hours timer SUL181H, TB17, TB35 and etc.

8) Hour meter, counter, like BZ142-1 hour run meter, LFC-6 counter and etc

9) All kinds of sockets for relays.

10) All kinds of AC contactors and thermal relay, like LC1-D, LR2-D and etc.

11) Other electrical products, such as all kinds of switches, breakers, fuses, panel meter, sensors, warning lights, terminal blocks, connector, cable accessories and etc

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