Sell Flocculation chitosan

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This kind of chitosan is processed with special techniques and applied in water purification, juice defecation, turbidity removal of wine, sewage disposal, herbal medicine clarification and macromolecular substance recycle etc.

As a kind of flocculant, the flocculation mechanism is mainly:
Linking function: The flocculent molecule combines many granule molecule with electrovalent bond and hydrogen bond, playing the role of intermediate bridge. These granules are linked up into a network structure before settling out.
Electrical neutralization function: Micella in liquid usually carries minus charges. When catenulate biomacromolecule with positive charges or other hydrolysate close up with this kind of micella, part of the charges on the surface are neutralized and collision happens among them, thus, deposition is resulted.
Group reaction: Chemical reaction happens when some active groups in macromolecule of sorbent meet the corresponding groups in solution. They conglomerate into macromolecule and settle out.

Flocculation Chitosan have above characteristics, and is a product of natural, nonpoisonous, safe and harmless etc.