Sell Floodlight

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1. Feature:
2. Application:
(1) Architecture floodlight;
(2) Park lighting;
(3) Carnie lighting;
(4) Billboard;
(5) Playground lighting, such as tennis court, badminton court and so on.
(6) Guard against theft;
(7) Parking lot.

3. Operation:
(1) Fit to illumine for 3 meters or much higher location;
(2) Suitable for indoor or outdoor illumination;
(3) Make sure cannot set up lamps and lanterns on the tinder, pls refer to the detail of Specification;
(4) The lamps are suitable for face upward floodlight illumination;
(5) Max operation temperature: Indoor: 25 degree, Outdorr: 35 degree;
(6) The lamp insulated level is CLASS I, Connection: Pls refer to the specification;

4. Electric Characteristic:
(1) Power Supply: Use 210V~240V DC/AC power;
(2) Power:
QVF 133 150Watt
QVF 135 500Watt
QVF 137 1000Watt
QVF 139 1500Watt

Floodlight is a kind of spot lamp-house which is shining uniformity far and near, and its shining range can be adjusted at discretion. , appears as a positive octahedron icon on the scene. Floodlight is widely used in the effect-making, standard floodlight is used to lightening the whole scene. The scene can used many floodlights. In order to produce good effect, we could put the screened bulb load into the large reflect umbrella, take as a kind of high luminance lamp-house. Not only it is indispensability in wigwam lightening, it is a kind of good-effect lamp-house as indoor lighting for spare photograph lover.
Floodlight is a kind of lamp shining object uniformity with special direction, which is had best to simulate bulb or candle. Floodlight can be lay on anywhere of the scene, for example, we could place it beyond the scene, or inside the object.
Use different kinds of lamp is common on the scene, these lamplight could place dark-shooted and mixed them on the model.
Because the range of floodlight is so wide, it is easy to forcase its shooting effect, also it has lots of secondly use. For example, we can place the floodlight near the surface of the object, then it will produce bright light.
The lamp body is buildup with aluminum alloy die-casting moulding, the surface is deal with static spray and the coat endurces high temperature, anti-acidity and anti-alkalescence materials, indoor to prevent lamp body aging we adopt with incorporate designment, the struct is compact, small volume reflect equipment adopts importion with high pure aluminul, many kinds of designment for reflect surface, is form of different requirements of match colors, light reflect rate is high, we could base on customers requirement produce small dizzy lamp-house, use single-end or dual-end gold halogen or high vlotage natrium lamp, the lamp holder adopts with E40 or RW7s veil and 5mm steel glass, safty, endurces hight temperature, high intension, excellent for light permeation, the airproof bar structures with anticorrosive sillcon bubber, good airproof, waterproof and dustproof. Also, we adopt with high performance inductance ballast, trigger and capacitance, insure the lamps and lanterns meet with GB, the internal connection is 1mm2PVC, which is suitable to symbol object, palaestra, square, trees, billboard, parking lot or outside wall of the building.
As a kind of electric lamp-house of substitute, it is widely approbated by more and more people, and is widely used in different fields, its feature is as following:
1. Extra long life:the ecumenic incandescence lamp, fluorescent lamp, saving energy lamp and other gas discharge lamp all have flament and electrode, which are the necessary components limiting the lamps life because of its sputtering domino offect. High frequency nonpolar discharge lamp no need to or less maintenance, has high reliabity, its life reaches 60,000 hours(use 10 hours per day, it can be used more than 12 years) . Compare with other lamps:is 60 times than incandescence lamp,12 times than fluorescent lamp,20 times than hight voltage Hg lamp. Because floodlights extra life, it is maxmum reducing the maintenance bother and changed times, saving the cost of material and human resource, and insuring long time to be used. Another side, because floodlight doesnt have electrode, it can lighting only depends on the combination of electromagnetism influence and fluorescent discharge influence, it doesnt exist the limit of the life time of the necessary component. Floodlights life is rely on the electronic components quality level, the circuit designment, the electrons process, usually its life could last to 60,000 to 100,000 hours.
2. Saving energy:compare with incandescence lamp, saving about 75% energy, it is said that 85 watts floodlights light flux compare to 500 watts incandescence lamp.
3. Protect environment:it uses solid Hg dosage, there were pollution to the environment even if it is broken, and it can be recycled even reaching 99%, the real protecting environment and green lamp-house
4. No strobo:For its high working frequency, it alse be regarded as completely non-strobo influence, thus our eyes wont be tired, instead is good for health.
5. Excelly display color capability:display color exponent over 80, display color mild, showing the lightened objects nature colour and lustre.
6. Color temperature choice:customers could select their loving color temperature, from 2700K to 6500K, furthermore it can produce color bulb, which widely used in the gardens decoration.
7. High proportion of eyeable light:around the emanatory ray, the eyeable light proportion over 80%, good visual angle.
8. No need to be preheated, it can be start up immediately or restart, there were appearing the situation of ecumenic electrode discharge lamps light falling off even over and over switching.
9. Good electronic performance:high power factor, low current harmonic, supply steady voltage, output steady light proportion.
10. Setting available:set up anywhere, no limited.