Sell Floor Coverings (Handloom Durries)

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Durry weaving is an ancient art of India and was patronised by kings and other prosperous gentry who wished to display their superior tastes and luxury . It has never gone out of vogue and there is a big variety of durries showing excellence in design and use . They are used in homes - bedroom, drawingrooms , kitchens , bathroom , offices , hospitals, schools and any other place, even at the beaches for sunbathing. They not only cover the floor but any surface that needs to be highlighted . Their beauty and design make them really versatile . Durries do not disappoint in their usefulness or their affordability.

Great improvements have been made in material and design . In quality and looks they are second to none . Our Durries have innovative design that can be advantageously used as rugs, wall hangings , cushion covers , mats , prayer-rugs , bed-spreads , sofa and seat coverings and any artistic covering to bring the object in focus . The cost is very affordable , application is diverse and the effect is really beautiful. This is a traditional handicraft that is still vigorous . They are very useful , durable and can be cleaned . They are produced in many sizes .

Cotton:-Cotton durries suit all the occasions and are easy to maintain because they have smoother surface. They are tough and durable. Infact this is the original durry that revolutionized the idea of covering the floor. By giving a snap jerk it could be dusted off. Insects are not much attracted to it. If washed it dries off sooner outdoors without giving any smell. Any method of cleaning is very effective and easy.

Chenille-Cotton:-Today it is the most favoured durry because of its attractiveness and feel. It is highly decorative all cotton durry that has a winsome velvet finish that is really astonishing. Beautiful colours and shades enhance its beauty. The thickness of the chenille yarn makes it possible to treat and finish it like a woollen carpet. The novel feature of this durry is the embroidered variety . It is easily cleaned like any other rug, simplest being the jerk off. With time it still retains its looks.

Chenille Acrylic: Chenille Acrylic or Rayon Chenille is the winner because it displays its colours and designs in the most advantageous way . The shine of yarn gives it ever the look of freshness and unfading colours . The thickness of fur gives it a very rich appearance that vies with any carpet . The velvet feel is enhanced with the shine in the texture that is very pleasing to touch , in catching the eye it is unparalleled by any durry. It is dirt resistant and easy to clean . It is fresh and clean and has a long life .

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