Sell Floor Drain

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A Revolution for Floor Drain

Excellent Functions:
1. Smell-reversing prevention, water-reversing prevention, germ prevention, pest prevention; it always keep sealed when it is not draining, which will isolate down flow pipe from the room space.
2. Blockage proof, fast draining: straight-through will be drained passage, no roundabout obstruction, and waste will be drained into the down flow pipe with water flow so it will not deposit and block the pipe. 3. Convenient to clean up: screw-plug inner core can be taken out easily, conveniently cleaned and installed.
4. Stable performance, long lifetime: by means of the principle of mechanical gravity, the facility can be opened and closed automatically and it does not need to resort to outside force like spring and magnet.

Technical Principle:
1. When water flow into; straight-through draining
2. Automatic sealing; seal gasket will close automatically after water is drained; 100% sealing.

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