Sell Floor Hinge for garage doors

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All the floor hinges have been tested strictly and accord the standard of safe application.
The floor hinge has a built-in discharge valve, preventing the floor hinge is damaged or leak oil resulted from an external strong pressure or strong wind state.
The body adopts a quality anti-freezing hydraulic oil to ensure the parts operate stably and flexibly under different temperatures.
The door opening angle is wide up to 1050available for selection.
You may select 00with check device or without check device.
Two closing speed control valves are adjustable from 1050 to 250 and from 250 to 00to match the effect of different closing .
Two-stage design fits opening the door by right or left hand and in one-way or two-way direction with each application mode equipped with complete fittings .
Specially matched with an adjustable upper pivot, simple in installation , convenient and accurate in adjustment .
Adjustable is in all directions.