Sell Floor Spring D-968

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Standard configuration

Material:cast iron
Applied gate width/gate weight:EN EU4#
Max door width: 1050mm
Max door weight: 120kg
Main body size:L230*W72*H49
Application range:Plastic steel door, wood door, aluminum door, iron door
Main function :Double-way 116 degree opening function and 90 degree accurate stop
Feature:No damage after opening/closing of 500, 000 times
Warranty period :7 years

The cylinder is made of high quality cast iron.
The closing force, door-closer speed and blocking action are stepless adjustable;
Provided with door stop function and explosion-proof device;
Standard or eccentric type can be chosen;
The height inside the frame can be adjusted by 4mm, the width by 5mm and length by 6mm
Widely applied in hotel, hospital, school, office building and other industrial and commercial buildings;
Complying with industrial applications of high requirement; it is suitable for indoor, outdoor, left and right door opening to realize double-way opening;
It adopts low temperature anti-freezing hydraulic oil and the application ambient temperature can reach -30B0C+50B0C

1. During erection, the cam head must match with supporting arm and door chuck so as to avoid sounding from opening/closing due to poor matching.
***** cam head level can not be ground to avoid sounding from shaking of central positioning.
***** cam head must be erected with dust-proof cover to avoid oil leakage caused by impurities.

1. At completion of erection, the door closing speed can be adjusted by regulating screw; left turning for high speed and right turning for low speed.
2. After the front, rear, left and right position of floor spring, fasten the floor spring, therewise floor spring may shake during use.
3. During speed regulation, do not push or pull the door by force to avoid damage of door or floor spring.