Sell Floor deck forming machine

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The metal deck forming machine is aided and optimized by computer. The metal deck produced by this machine has high strength with big wavelength. It adheres well to concrete. Used on high buildings , it not only saves steel mold plate, but also reduces the weight of storey. With the same bearing capacity, it economizes steel and cuts down investment accordingly.
The metal deck formed by this machine has strong strength with high pitches. It`s best to be used as the floor of high buildings, and the cost of such floor.

1. Size:26000mm1400mm1400mm
2. Total weight: about 18000kg
3. Controlling system: PLC
4. Main motor power: 18.5kw
Hydraulic station power: 4kw
Lubricating motor power: 0.75kw
5. Working speed: 10000~12000mm/min