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We produce highly concentrated organo-mineral liquid complex fertilizer made of completely natural raw material - lake Sapropel (more than 10.000 years old dark-coloured sediments at the bottom of a lake, that are very rich in organic matter, humic-, fulvic- and amino-acids, vitamins, and macro- and micro-nutrients) .

Our patented technology allows our scientist to produce very effective, completely natural, ecologically clean, environmentally friendly and cheap fertilizers on the basis of Sapropel extract.

10 years of successful laboratory and field tests and 5 years of effective sales give us the right to proudly say: FlorHumate (with spruce extract) is our best fertilizer!


Nutrients, g/l: N(0,5) , P(15) , K(25) , Ca(0,3) , Mg(0,3) , S(0,5)

Micronutrients, mg/l, chelated: B(80) , Mo(18) , Zn(300) , Co(18) , Cu(90) , Mn(150) , Fe(50) , Si(10) Humic acids (8,5 g/l) , Fulvic acids, Amino acids, Vitamins, Phytohormones, Proteins, Pectins.

For a season you need only 0,5-3 liter of fertilizer per hectare.

Fertilizer must be dissolved in water in proportion 1:1000.

Can be applied together with any pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides.

Can be used for cultivating of all kinds of vegetables, fruits and berries, cereals and industrial crops in open and protected ground,

in Steeping seeds and bulbs before sowing,

Puddling plant roots before planting,

Foliar application,

Soil application,

Soil irrigation, and Composting.

And of course these fertilizers are irreplaceable for organic farming.

Our fertilizers give a stable increase in yield and quality of a variety of crops

from 15% up to 80%.

Enable to reduce the volumes of soil applied mineral fertilizers up to 10-50%, depending upon soil quality and condition.
Brand Name
Flor Humate
Supply Capacity
1,200,000 liters per year
Available Colors
Minimum Order Quantity
680 liters