Sell Flour, semolina and maize milling equipment, compact mills

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Ozenir Milling Co. manufactures milling equipment for flour, semolina and maize milling industries, which covers the complete line of equipment, from grain precleaning, cleaning and milling to handling and packing. We are also dedicated to undertake and complete projects on turn- key basis. Through the provision of comprehensive services in the design, project management, manufacturing, installation and after sales support, we have successfully set up many milling plants around world.
Having been operating in the milling industry for nearly ten years, we have achieved to become one of the foremost manufacturers at the national and international level in a short time. We have the staff, the expertise and technology to ensure reliable and high quality products and services. We are certified to ISO 9001:2000 granted by TUV. Our products carry CE mark. Our company has sales and agency offices in Kazakhstan, Egypt, Greece and Iran. Aiming to develop our commercial network, we want to colloborate with potential partners from other countries worldwide.
Brand Name
Ozenir Milling