Sell Flour bleach agent

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I. Main Ingredients and Appearance:
This product is white and loose powder prepared by edible class benzoyl peroxide and the edible starch.

II. Usage and Functional Principle:
The active oxygen released from the benzoyl peroxide of this product can make the carotene in the flour to be conjugated double bonds to fade the yellow pigment thus to rise up the whiteness of flour 3 to 5 degree. After treated by this product, the flour will be white and keep natural luster. This product has lower ash content and sand.

III. Technical Indices:
No. Of Standard: Q/320421ZST001, 1997
Item Indices
Content of Benzoyl Peroxide: % 28
Content of Sand: % less than 8. 0
Content of Ash: % less than 5. 0
Heavy Metal (counting with Pb) : % less than 0. 003
Arsenium (As) : % less than 0. 0003
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L/C at sight or T/T