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Jasmine Tea

This tea is made of green tea of high quality and scented with fresh jasmine through traditional process and scientific methods. It has the heavy aroma and refreshing taste of green tea as well as the rich fragrance of fresh jasmine. It blends the tea flavour with the flower fragrance, thus characterized by its fresh flavour and mellow taste. So it is a distinctive precious tea. It is high appreciated in China.
Rose: Stimulating the blood and breath.
Qian Rihong: Preventing the disease of emmeniopathy and liverish.
Sanqi Flower: Getting out of the sun stroke, preventing the hypertension.
Gou Qi: Increasing the blood and vision, nourishing the kidney, lung and liver.
Huang Jin Ju: having the obvious effect of detoxification and detumescence. Increasing the vision.
Rosebush: Clearing away the spot, Sobering up from getting drunk.
Lily: nourishing the lung; Sobering up; soothing the nerves
Tian Yeju: Reducing the blood suger and fat.