Sell Flower can

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- You can see observe the procedure of the budding, growth and blossom in order.
- Amaging magic egg sprouts a plant with message " I Love You".
- This will amaging gift that feel life's wonders to you.
- Sprout rate is around more than 98 percent in can.

(How to take care)
1. Remove the upper lid and pour in water slowly until the content is soaked with water.
2. Let out any excess water by opening the outlet at the bottom of the tin.
3. Close outlet with the plastic cap.
4. The tin shall be positioned in a place with good exposure to light.
5. Pour in water regulary and keep a constant room temperature between 17-26 degree.

(available plant)
- magic bean, marigold, mimosa, sunflower, cheery tomato, capsicum, etcs.