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Flucloxacillin sodium
Chinese phonetic name : Fuluxilinna
Chinese phonetic abdreviation : FLXLN
English name : Flucloxacillin Na
Category : Antibiotics
Explanation of agent:
Another name : Fluorochlorobenzene methylisoxazole penicillin sodium; Fluorochloro penicillin; Fluorochloro penicillin sodium; Fluclocxacillin; Floxacin; Flocloxacillin; Flucloxacillin Na.
Name in foreign language : Flucloxacillin Na, FLUCLOXACILLIN
Ingredient : Flucloxacillin Na
Character : This product is a white or similar to white crystal powder, it is easily soluble in water (1 : 1) , and soluble in alcohol (1 : 12) or acetone (1 : 12) .