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Name: Fluconazole Injection
Structural formula:
The product is colorless and pellucid liquid.
Pharmacological actions:
This product is a new member of triazole anti-fungal agents, it can restrain the sterol combination of fungal efficiently. When the drug is injected, it takes effect on various animal fungal infections such as candidiasis infection and new type of cryptococcosis infection.
Absorption, distributing and elimination:
The plasma protein binding rate of Fluconazole was only 11-12%. T1/2 is long, about 35.4 hours. The drug can permeate the body fluid very well. Its concentrations in the saliva, sputum and peritoneum are same with that in the plasma. Its concentration in the cerebral spinal fluid is 80% of the concentration in the plasma. Within 96 hours that patient is infused, the amount of Fluconazole excreted unchanged in the urine is 80%.
Suitable symptom:
Fluconazole is indicated for interfungal infection:
Cryptococcosis, including cryptococcosis meningitis and infections of other parts (e. g. pulmonary, cutaneous) , normal hosts and patient with AIDS, organ transplants or other cause of immunosuppression may be treated.
Systemic candidiasis, patients with malignancy in intensive units, receiving cytotoxic or immunosuppressive therapy, or with other factors predisposing to candidal infection may be treated.
Administration and Dosage:
By drip phleboclysis, the rate of fluid administration should not exceed 5mg/min. Because Fluconazole injection is the diluted chloride sodium solution, the rate of fluid administration should be taken into consideration when used for the patients who is limited in the chloride or solution.
the treatment of crytococcosis meningitis and other parts infection (such as lung, skin) : usually, the first dosage is 400mg, the dosages in the following days are 200-400mg. The course of treatment depends on fungal feedback. But for the cryptococcosis meningitis, the period of treatment of that is 6-8 weeks at least.
the treatment of candidiasis blood poisoning and other candidiasis disease:
Usually, 400mg is used in the first day, 200mg the other days. According to the clinical reaction the dosage can be increased to 400mg, one time each day. The course of treatment depends on fungal feedback.
for the patients with decreased renal function, the dosage of the first day and second day is as the general dose. After this adjust the dose interval time and dosage according to the ratio.
creatinine elimination ratio interval / daily dosage
>40 24 hours (regular dosage)
21-40 48 hours or half of regular dosage
10-20 72 hours or one third of regular dosage
Regular dialysis after each time of dialysis
for the children who must be treated with this drug take 3-6mg/kg/day.
Side effects:
General side effects: muzzy, headache, stomachache, spew and etc. Glutamate pyruvatetransaminase ALT goes high slightly, haematoblast reduced.
Taboo disease:
The patients who have hypersusceptibility for Fluconazole and other triazole drug are forbidden to use this product.
Attention items:
pregnant women, suckle women and children are not appropriate to use this product.
patients who have tetter after taking the drug should be controlled strictly. If the patients have the speckle, he should be stopped using drug.
For the patients who have to be given Fluconazole more than two weeks or who have accept the treatment of Fluconazole with more than general dose, or other medicines which have potential toxic for the liver and maybe cause hepatic necrosis, they must be examined by heptic function before the treatment. During the course of treatment, heptic function should be re-examined every two weeks.
Interaction: when used with cumoric anhydride, pay attention to adjust the dose of the anti-congelation; used with sulfanilamides and carbamide, pay attention to hypoglycemia reaction.
100ml: 0.2g
Packed in the infusion bottles
Avoid sunshine, store in cool and dry place.
Validity: Two years
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