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Flumequine Soluble Powder

[Indication] It is used for the treatment of alimentary tract and respiratory tract infection caused by gram-negative bacterium on livestock and birds.

[Pharmacology] It is mainly effective to gram-negative bacterium. Sensitive bacteria include Bacillus coli, salmonella, Pasteur's bacillus, Bacillus proteus, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, Salmon monosporium, Vibrio anguillarum etc. . It also has some effects on mycoplasma.

[Usage and Dosage] Take orally, for once, birds 3~6mg/kg body weight, Pig 5~10mg, cattle and horse 1.5~3mg, sheep 3~6mg. Double amount for the first time, two times a day, use 3~4days continuously. (calculating according to this product, in every 100L water, birds: 50g~100g , pig 40g~80g , cattle and sheep 20g ) .

[Notice] It is forbidden during the laying period of layers.

[Withdrawal Period] Birds: 8 days.

[Specification] 10%
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