Sell Fluorescence brightening agent FP-127  ( C. L.359 )

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Chemistry name:4,4 A pair (2- Two anisole ethenyl ) Biphenyl
Molecular formula:C30H26O2
Molecular weight:418
Using :
Fluorescence brightening agent FP-127 is one kind of high-purity fluorescence brightening agent, Is suitable specially for PVC. Polyethylene series product, In therefore the polymer assumes the blue color fluorescence, Also uses in other hot model plastic, For example: Polymethyl acrylic acid methyl ester, Cellulose carbonic ether and so on. Has the long-term storage not to exude yellow. Non-fading merit. The overseas similar product has UvitexFP
Application method:
Because the brightening agent joins the quantity to be few, should disperse the brightening agent thoroughly, enables the brightening agent to disperse evenly in the entire polymer. If uses the brightening agent to concentrate the mother grain, then changes achieves the full dispersible effect.
Amount used :
The general amount used is 0.01%~0.05%, namely in each 100Kg plastic raw material increases fluorescence brightening agent FP. -127 10~50g

Matters needing attention:
Increases any ultraviolet ray absorbent when the plastic, Should pay attention to appropriate readjustment fluorescer FP-127 the best amount used .

Storage and packing:
Is evading the light. Dry. Under but the normal temperature environment may the long-term storage not affect the quality and the use effect.
Product packing: 5Kg.10 Kg.25 Kg/. Simultaneously may the root customer request packing.