Sell Fluorescence brightening agent KCB(C.1.367)

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Chemistry name: 1,4-2 (benzene and wicked zuo base - 2- base) naphthalene
Molecular formula:C24H14O2N2
Molecular weight:362
Fluorescence brightening agent KCB is the present multitudinous fluorescence brightening agent turns to a new generation the product, has extremely high increases the white effect, assumes the bright blue transparent white colored light. Mainly uses in the synthetic fiber and the plastic product increases white, has the obvious increase gorgeous effect to the colored plastic product. Uses in EVA massively (the ethylene/The acetic acid ethylene copolymer) , is in the athletic shoes the fluorescence brightening agent best variety. At the same time, also widely uses in plastic film and so on the PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, squeezes out the formation material, the injection molding formation material and the polyester fiber and so on, to the coating, the lacquer increases also has the tangible effect in vain. Fluorescence brightening agent KCB has the easy to operate, the amount used small and increases the white effect good characteristic. The overseas similar product includes: HosaluxKCB, Hoechst T1258 and so on.
Application method:
Because the brightening agent joins the quantity to be few, should disperse the brightening agent thoroughly, enables the brightening agent to disperse evenly in the entire polymer. If uses the brightening agent to concentrate the mother grain, then changes achieves the full dispersible effect.
Amount used:
The general amount used is 0.01%~0.03%, namely in each 100Kg plastic raw material increases fluorescence brightening agent KCB 10g~30g. The user may make the appropriate readjustment based on the product request.
Matters needing attention:
Increases any ultraviolet ray absorbent when the plastic, should pay attention to appropriate readjustment fluorescence brightening agent KCB the best amount used.
Storage and packing:
But in evades the light, dry, under the normal temperature environment may the long-term storage not affect the quality and the use effect.
Product packing: 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg/. Simultaneously may act according to the customer request packing.