Sell Fluorescence brightening agent OB-1(CL-393)

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Chemistry name: 2,2- (4,4 ' - benzoin ethenyl) double benzene and wicked zuo
Molecular formula:C28H18N2O2
Molecular weight:414
Using :
Fluorescence brightening agent OB-1 is one kind uses in the polyester fiber highly effective fluorescence brightening agent, Simultaneously is widespread uses in ABS, PS, HIPS, PA (nylon) ; PC (gathers carbonic ether) , plastics and so on PP, EVA and flinty PVC, has extremely good increases the white effect, outstanding thermostability, characteristics and so on extremely few recruitment. The overseas similar commodity has; WhitesSNK, UvitexERT, Eastobrite ;
Application method:
Because the brightening agent joins the quantity to be few, should disperse the brightening agent thoroughly, enables the brightening agent to disperse evenly in the entire polymer. If uses the brightening agent to concentrate the mother grain, then changes achieves the full dispersible effect.
Amount used :
The general amount used is 0.0025%~0.025%, namely in each 100Kg plastic raw material increases fluorescence brightening agent OB-1 2.5g~25g. Does not surpass 0.03%. Regarding the transparent plastic raw material increase is 0.0025%~0.005%, namely in each 100Kg plastic raw material increases fluorescence brightening agent OB-1 2.5g~5g.
Matters needing attention:
Increases any ultraviolet ray absorbent when the plastic, should pay attention to appropriate readjustment fluorescence brightening agent OB-1 the best amount used. When regarding PE and soft nature PVC use fluorescence brightening agent OB-1, should pay attention to the amount used specially the control, excessively many amounts used can have the brightening agent transport phenomena.
Storage and packing:
But in evades the light, dry, under the normal temperature environment may the long-term storage not affect the quality and the use effect.
Product packing: 10Kg, 25Kg/. Simultaneously may act according to the customer request packing.