Sell Fluorescent Tube/Bracket(T5)

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Standard Type
1. Service life: 8000 hrs min; six times lighting efficiency highter than conventional products; 70-80% energy saved compared to conventional products; switched on quickly at low voltage without flash; Display color choiceness;
2. T5 fluorescent tube of primary color used and thus makes the object lighted up more colorful and clear;
3. Super Slim design, reduces space; Lamps stands are mainly made of Aluminium-alloy, environmental and fire-resistance;
4. The direct pulsion and rotation installation feature for lamp holder is adopted, safe and reliable;
5. The earth line makes sure the lamp is safety and reliable;
6. All plastic parts of the lamp are made of PBT material which is fireproof;
7. Linkable design, linkable for up to 10 lamps;
8. Options for with switch or without switch.

Red, yellow, blue, green, white are available tone range: 2700K-6400K.

Used in kitchen, bathroom, lavatory, cabinet, bookcase, corridor, production line, shopping market and so on.

Specifications&technology parameters of T5 straight tube electronic energy-saving fluorescent lamp(International standard series)

MNC5-4W /16x135 /159x22x35.5 110/220/240 4 229x139x183 30
MNC5-6W /16x210 /234x22x35.5 110/220/240 6 304x139x183 30
MNC5-8W /16x288 /312x22x35.5 110/220/240 8 382x139x183 30
MNC5-13W /16x515 /539x22x35.5 110/220/240 13 609x139x183 30
MNC5-14W /16x549 /573x22x35.5 110/220/240 14 643x139x183 30
MNC5-21W /16x849 /873x22x35.5 110/220/240 21 943x139x183 30
MNC5-28W /16x1149 /1173x22x35.5 110/220/240 28 1243x139x183 30
MNC5-35W /16x1449 /1473x22x35.5 110/220/240 35 1543x139x183 30
P. S: L/length. W/width. H/height; Used by electronic ballast.
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30 days
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90 days