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Technical data:
1) Appearance: powder in blue and white
2) Shade: blue and white (similar with reference sample)
3) Purity: >=99%
4) Melting point: 198 - 2000C
5) Fineness: more than 100 mesh

Performance and characteristics:
1) Blue and white powder, tasteless, soluble in alkane, fat, mineral oil,
paraffin and most of the organic solvents, spectrum the widest 375nm
(in ethanol) , and maximum wave length emitted 435nm (in ethanol)
2) Fine whitening effect and stability in heat; small amount required,
wide application

Scope of application:
OB widely used in whitening of PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS and other thermo-plastic products
as well as polyester fibers, oil paint, ink, coating materials.
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