Sell Fluorescent Whitening Agent

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Technical data:
1) Appearance: Powder in yellow green
2) Melting point: More than 300º C3) Ash content: Less than 0. 5%
4) Purity: More than 98. 0%
5) Volatile matter: Less than 0. 5%
6) Fineness: More than 300 mesh

Performance and characteristics
1) Strong fluorescent effect, small amount required, but excellent whitening effect
2) Wide application in whitening polyester fibers and various plastics
3) Excellent compatibility with plastics, and highly resistant to high temperature

Scope of applications:
1) Fits for processing polyester, nylon fibers and other chemical fibers
2) Especially fits for processing high temperature engineering plastics like PMMA, POM, PBT, PC, PS, PP, ABS and PA
3) Fits for general plastics: PVC, PE and EVA; A small amount required, normally below 0. 01%