Sell Fluorescent ring lamp with 375nm uv

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Fluorescent ring lamp with 375nm wave length design and beautiful appearance, compact structure, so that the production process using high-quality electronic components and, therefore, stable performance, reliable, high luminous efficiency, power consumption, less heat, soft light, no stroboscopic, no noise. Because the annular illumination is very uniform, the shadow phenomenon can be effectively eliminated.

Light color: Purple
Connecting port size: 60mm
Working distance: 40~160mm
Maximum illumination: 60000 Lux
Color temperature: 6500k
Input voltage: 220V /AC 110V AC (optional)
Input current: 0.05A
Power consumption: Max 8W
Ambient humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH
Effective light distance: 75mm
Effective optical path: 30mm
Protection circuit: limited current, fixed power and over heat protection