Sell Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

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FEP is copolymer of TFE and HFP, it has combined chemical properties of excellent thermal stability, outstanding inertness, superior electric insulation performance and low coefficient of friction. It can be processed as thermal plastic.
DS-600: Normal resin for wire insulation, pipe, film etc products.
DS-601: Heat stress cracks resistant plastic for wire insulation, thin-wall tube.
DS-602: Low MFR resin, heat stress crack resistant plastic, normally use in the field that need stress crack resistance and not high process speed, mainly produce heat-shrinkable pipe, line of pump, valve and pipe, cable insulation coat etc.
DS-603: DS-603 is a colloid containing FEP particle suspended in water that endow it water that endow it some special no-traditional properties. FEP in dispersion is true thermoplastic with superior properties of typical fluoropolymer resin: normal service at 2000 temperature, maximum temperature is 2400, chemical inertness to nearly all industry chemicals and solvent. The finished product own excellent properties of heat-resistance, corrosion proof, dielectric properties and low coefficient of friction. FEP DS603 can be normally used in coating, impregnation etc process, and heat-resistant fiber dipped by PTFE, printed circuit and electric insulation material, injection molding film and chemical insulation material, melt adhesive of PTFE and FEP, bottom print for metal, glass fiber, high insulation film HF composited with polyimide etc.
DS-608: DS-608 resin has series of properties of low molecule weight, high MFR index, low extrude temperature, high extrude speed that is 5-8 time of normal FEP resin, and soft, toughness. Application fields are airline, aerospace industry, train, auto switch, oil well test equipment, fire alarm system, high building wire and cable etc, special in thin wire insulation material by high speed extrude.