Sell Fluorocarbon Powder Aluminium Veneer

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Properties of PVDF aluminum panel

Lightweight, good rigidity and strength
Non-flammable, good fire resistance
Excellent weather resistance of surface, excellent uv resistance superior resistance to acids and alkali shelf life is 15 years without discoloration Under normal outdoor environment
Good processing technique, plane, arc and round processing are available.
With complicated shape such as pagoda, difficult to get dirt, easy for maintenance and caring.
Wide color selection, ultra good decoration effect
Easy to be recycled, with no pollution, good for earth saving.

RENOXBELL pvdf aluminum panel is fabricated with quality aluminum alloy material from global well-known suppliers, and coated with PVDF baking paint of SUA. PPG or AKzo. PVDF aluminum panel is comprised of cover panel, stiffenersand hangers, Tpical thickness:2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm

Fluoric acid spray coating
RENOXBELL Company fluoric acid coating product line adopts foreign advanced technology and it has established a world class computerized numerical complete closed successive automatic line. The product line is about 430 meters, and the annual spray coating capacity is 650,000 sqm. The computerized numerical automatic spray coating product line strictly follows ASTM standard, and adopts hanging chain conveying, the water-screen spray room is equipped with three sets of Japanese Ransburg numerical electric spray gun system, and the baking channel heating selects American Eclipse brand furnace temperature tracking device, and Japanese Minolta color difference graph on-line supervision system. The product line is highly automatic, reaching international first-class standard. The coating technology has passed AAMA2605. RENOXBELL brand fluoric acid aluminum veneer can be guaranteed for 15 years in outdoor normal conditions.

The application of fluoric acid aluminum veneer
It can be applied in construction curtain wall, girder, balcony, separator decoration, exterior

Tpical thickness:2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
RENOXBELL has awarded such honors as ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, Green Building Materials, Guangdong Province Famous Trade Mark, Project Listed in National Torch Program, China Famous and Quality Aluminum-Plasticized Composite Plate Brand, China Building Decoration Famous and Quality Brand. . . and the sales network of the company covers the big, middle and small cities in China.
Brand Name
Alyoa Renoxbell
Supply Capacity
10000Sequare Meters
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100Sequare Meters