Sell Fluoroelastomer Copolymer Gum (FKM)

Fluoroelastomer Copolymer Gum (FKM) You May Also Be Interested In: fuel injector fuel systems gum polymers sealing devices
FKM is copolymer of HFP and VDF. Normally it is white or light yellow translucent rubber piece without smell, in which fluorine content is over 66%. By molding or extrude process, FKM products have excellent mechanical performance, outstanding anti oil property (fuel oil, synthesis oil, lubricating oil) and high thermal stability.
Main Application:
(1) Can be used to modify viscosity of other types of FKM.
(2) Injection and transfer molding of O-ring, gaskets, and other sealing devices.
(3) Extruded cords, profiles and tubing, or calendared sheets, when a blend of gum polymers is used.
(4) Compression molding of O-ring, gaskets, and other sealing devices.
(5) Preferred material for fuel systems, such as fuel injector O-rings.
(6) Solution coatings of fabrics and other substrates.
(7) Blending with other polymers for viscosity modification.
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