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The flux-cored welding wire is intended to inert-gas shielded fusion welding of titanium and its alloys and includes a metal coating or tubular casting of titanium or its alloys and a powder flux core containing (per cent by weight) :
Baf2 -- 5 to 10,

Fluoride of a rare-earth element -- 18 to 20,
Caf2 -- 40 to 50,
Srf2 -- the rest,

The ratio of the weight content of the powder flux to the total weight content of titanium in the wire being from 0.3: 1 to 1: 1.

Model Chemical composition(%)
GB C Mn Si S P other

E501T-1 0.18 1.75 0.90 0.030 0.030 

E501T-1 0.18 1.75 0.90 0.030 0.030

E501T-8  1.75 0.60 0.030 0.030 Al1.80

E308LT0-30.04 0.5-2.5 1.0 0.030 0.030 Cr18.0-21.0 Ni9.0-11.0

Mechanicl propertise

Model Rel/RP0.2 Rm A AKV~!br!~J
GB MPa MPa %

E501T-1 400 480 22 -20 : C
E501T-1 400 480 22 -20 : C
E501T-8 400 480 22 -30 : C
E308LT0-3 - 520 35 -

Model (GB) Usage

E501T-1 For welding carbon steel and low-alloy steel structures like boat, bridge, pressure container and machine.

E501T-1 For welding structures like boat, bridge. It has strong ability to prevent surface blowhole.

E501T-8 For on-spot installation of low carbon structures like boat, bridge, platform and other out-door welding and repairing.

E308LT0-3 For self-shielded welding of corrosion-resistant 00Cr19Ni10 and 0Cr18Ni11Ti stainless steel structures under 300 : C. Can also be used as tasnsition zone for difficult welding metal.
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