Sell Fly Catcher

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Type: HFT-2

HFT-2(25 x 33 cm) is large hanging collapsible mesh
This is our largest hanging trap and is perefect for control of flies in and around the yard, home.
Also good for farmers ie Poultry, Pigs, Sheep and Cattle
Collapsible and easily shipped for mail order without the need for padded post bags etc.
The bait is any fresh meat, liver or fish or what is locally available.
Trap is emptied by inverting the cone and shaking dead flies into the garden etc.
Eco friendly, No poisons, Re-usable.
Also ideal for feeding frogs and spider etc. . .
Constructed from UV stable fibre-glass reinforced mesh and steel wire rings.
Bait bowl is UV stable black plastic and is the same bowl used in the HFT-1