Sell Foam Net Machine

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I Application
Foam net machine fits for producing foam net can be used to pack fruit, vegetable, bud and bottles.
We are professional manufacturer of fruit nets; this machine has been obtained the gold prize at 97 China Patent Technology and New Products Expo. Depending on many years experience and strong technical power, our company has developed necking device conforming to requirement of market, various necking nets can be produced. 0.4 TO 0.5 million apple nets can be produced per 24hours with only 6 to 8 degree electricity, 50% energy can be saved, output is 30% enhanced or above. In addition, foaming tablets, rod, sheet and pipe can be produced if relevant die head and assistant devices are equipped.
II Characteristics
1. Single extruder is an economical solution for PE foam extrusion, compared to other extruder, melts PE intensively, mixing with other additives cools and transport them to the foam die, enabling an optimal foaming and maximum output.
2. Screw and barrel of extruder adopt 38CrMoALA nitrogen treatment so as to prolong service their life.
3. Dies, the other integral component of the PE foam net extrusion line, are specially manufactured for its high tolerances and provide an efficient process and flexibility to create the highest quality foam to meet today diverse needs
4. Automatic cooling system with AL cast heaters.
5. Hydraulic screen changer enabling a continuous production even during changer of screen.
6. A. C. motor &Variable frequency inverter control system durable in hash factory environment.