Sell Fog / Steam Cooling Fan –NZ-702F20

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The Air-Cooler Fan is one of the highly versatile products with low cost and low consumption in power for environmental control. The principle is using high pressure plunger pump to make a high current of 10 micron fog droplets through the Fog Nozzle. The diameter of the water droplet is around 0.01mm. Such tiny droplet will evaporate quickly within the range. Using an electrical fan will make the air fresh and drop 5C~10C in temperatures. One Air-Cooler fan can effect an area of around 30M Square during performance. The dust can be supppressed from 10~1000 microns with the odor and dust control.

The Cooler High Pressure plunger pump(2l/min) is designed particularly in small discharge volume with Patent of By Pass water cooling system. The water will not be overheated even when attaching one fan with 4 Fog Nozzles. The exterior pressure adjusting bolt is adjustable. The triple plunger causes the water pressure steady with low ibration. The brass made Pump head is ati-oxidation and avoid Fog Nozzle blockage. All the characteristics lead to a long life of the pumps.

1. stockbreeding : deodorization, disinfection, cooling
2. diggings and paiting area: cooling, dust-catching, static-eliminating
3. Greenhouse, , wine-cellar : cooling and wetting
4Spinning Industry: wetting, static-eliminating
5. Outdoor plaza, sports, open coffee, beer bars: sight, cooling, mosquito-killing
6. Kursaal, park, restaurant: sight, cooling, mosquito-killing
7. School, factory and warhouse: cooling
Dimension WxLxH: 530 ?700?1360mm
Max. height 1950MM
Electrical Fan: 20"
Voltage/Hz For Fan: 1/5HP,110V/60Hz - 220V/50Hz
Nozzle No. #01?4PCS
Total Discharge Volume cc/min 35-70kg/cm2: 132CC~184CC
Circular pipe: OD400mm
Pump Type: Plunger Pump
Pressure Kg/cm2 : 70KGF/cm2
Discharge Volume L/min: 2L/min
Pump HP: 3/4HP
Max. Operation time: 4 hours
Capacity of Fan No.
Weight Kgs: 50KGS