Sell Fog / Steam Cooling Fan-- NZ65D

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Product Specification
As a general knowledge of living, we feel cool when we are wet with water; clean the body with alcohol to reduce the body heat when we have a fever. We can see that the liquid can take away the heat and reduce the temperature.
The atomized fan was designed with the advanced principle of double atomization. The water drips are jetted under the diffusion of the rotating plate and atomized equipment; reduce the diameter of the atomized water drip to 10 um under the centrifugal force. Hence improve the atomization surface area. The atomized water drips are jetted out with gas flow and it improves the surface speed of liquid greatly, speedup the diffusion of the gas molecule, therefore increase the quantity of the evaporation. Also the evaporation absorbs the heat and decreases the temperature, improves the relative humidity and reduces the dust.

1. Thin atomized water drips, long range of spraying, no water dropping.
2. No special demand of the quality of the water and water pressure.
3. Single used, fine enginery, more agile, wide range of using.
4. Easy to install, convenient to move.
5. Three speed control, blowing without atomization.

1, Dimension: 650 mm
2, Voltage: 220 V ~
3, Power: < 220 W
4, Quantity of atomization: 0-10 L/h
5, Diameter of atomized drip: < 10 5m
6, Capacity (Ground) : 50 L
(Wall) : 10 L
7, Jet distance: 8 m
8, Volume: 6300 m3/h
9, . Aera: 80 m2

The atomized fan was widely used in the public situation without air-condition such as store, wine floor, plant, mill, publish plant, medicine shop, hothouse canopy, fowl house, fungus planting, tea processing where need ventilation, reducing heat and improving humidity.

Main parts
1, Fan motor
2, Impeller
3, Fan guards
4, Jet plate
5, Water tank
6, Pump
7, Standing pole (Ground)
8, Push pedestal (Ground)
9, Switch box (Wall)

1. Compared with the foreign product, we adopt the high quality material---rustproof steel, overcome the problem of dirty forming and cleaning.
2. Compared with the atomized system with nozzle and plenum pump, our fan cant be blocked and without high pressure.
3. No need to maintenance, saving power and water, with lower cost, compared with the system with central air-condition and jet house.
4. Overcome the disadvantage of large air resistance and slow reduction of temperature compared with the system of wet shade.

Warmly prompt
1. The weaken people should not under the flow of the fan.
2. The product can be adjusted according to the using condition.
3. Remember protecting the fan out of rain when used in the open air.