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This bike is ideal for commuting to and from work, for holidays, camping trips or for just popping to the shops.

It has a single gear, is easy to fold and lightweight enough to be taken on trains or put in the boot of a car.

This 14" Foldable Bicycle in Black Nylon Bag come fitted with a bell, stand, front and rear reflectors and weighs just 11.5kg. Not only this but for security the manufacturers have embossed a unique number on the bike.
Some assembly is required when the bike is first put together but all the tools required are included and the assembly is quick and easy.

The bag comes with wheels to make transportation onto trains (no need to put this bike in the guards van) or into cars easily.
When folded this bike is approximately 65 x 32 x 57 cm in size and usually comes in silver or black.
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