Sell Folding-Scooter with Emergency Kit(newest) !!!

Folding-Scooter with Emergency Kit(newest) !!! You May Also Be Interested In: cotton gloves emergency kit folding scooter tow rope travel kit
the newest stylefolding scooter.
We have prepared First Aid Kit, Tool Kit and other Kit in the carton of all kinds of Scooter. so you can find anything when you travel.

INTRODUCING: The Ultimate 50pcs Emergency Travel Kit (with Folding Scooter) !

Be prepared for anything when you travel!
Our kit is unlike any other on the market; Compact & Light Weight it can be stowed anywhere. Its perfect for Cars, Trucks, RVs, or Boats.
Take it anywhere you travel!

50pcs Kit Includes;

1pcs 47cc Gas or 150w  250w Electric Folding Scooter
25pcs Tool Kit
15pcs First Aid Kit
1pcs Large Road Hazard Reflector
1pcs Tire Pressure Gauge
1pcs Tow Rope
1pcs Flash Light
1pcs Tube of Super Glue
1pcs Role of Electrical Tape
2pcs Cotton Gloves
1pcs Battery Charger (With Electric Scooter)
1pcs Carry Case

Additional items other than the Folding Scooter may be substituted per your specific request. Additional charges may apply.

the price is changeable depends on the quantities of your order.
if you want to further information, please contact me!!!!