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Product Name:Mini Folding Speaker
Very suitable for MP3\MP4\laptops when they are working outdoors.
Have perfect and as much as over 10 different kinds of protective functions
Such as over-voltage, over electric current, over- heat, short circuit, etc.
"Coated with metal lacquer. looks fine and delicate. So it can meet consumers' needs for fashion and unique.
Magnetically shielded
Built-in amplifier
Drive unit:2"W2 speaker
Frequency response:80Hz-20KHz
T. H. D. :<1%
Input sensitivity:200mv
Power supply: DC2.5V~9V
Accessories:User manual,3.5 plug audio cable, USB power supply cable
Warranty Period:Six months
The size of our product is only as the size of a purse before unfolding.
When unfolding, the size can be 10 times the size when folded.
The general little speaker cannot be made in a very small size is
because of the problem of cavity volume, while the compression ratio of a
leather cavity can reach 1:20, which solve this problem perfectly.
That's why our products can be in the smallest size
with the best tone quality to be portable in an easy way.