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We are pleased to get to know that you are presently on the market for phosphate, and as a specialized manufacturer and exporter for phosphate product in China, we sincerely hope to establish business relations with your esteemed corporation. Anda Chemicals Co. , Ltd has engaged in fertilizers producing for more than 15years which was set up in 1992 and rebuilt in 2002. There is our brief introduction about our company below:

N=Nitrogen P=Phosphorus K=Potassium
It is a fertilizer which stimulates healthy growth in Vegetables, Fruit plants, Trees, Indoor plants and Animal fodder. This is ideally suited in Green House Cultivation and also where drip irrigation is practiced. 100% water soluble NPK fertilizers and use as foliar spraying and irrigation fertilizers, normally can add trace elements (TE) , the formular can be adjusted according to clients' requirement. It has vital trace elements in Chelated form, thereby enabling complete absorption through roots, in any method of irrigation. It mixes well with most other fertilizers thereby complementing its efficacy.
It is Free of Chlorine.

Green house cultivation 2-3 kgs/500 sq. Meters
Vegetable plants 3-4 kgs/1000 sq. Meters
Indoor plants 2-3 kgs/1000 sq. Meters
Fields and animal fodder 2-3 kgs/1000 sq. Meters
Fruit trees and Forests 0-100 grams per tree depending on the age of tree.

3. For instance, the below 10-10-43 NPK which are sold very well in Thailand made by Anda.
NPK Soluble Fertilizer 10-10-43+Te
1) Total nitrogen (N) : 10min
2) Available phosphoric acid (P2O5) : 10min
3) Soluble Potash (K2O) :43min
4) B: 22ppm
5) Mo: 14ppm
6) EDTA (CU) : 16ppm
7) EDTA (Fe) : 70ppm
8) EDTA (Mn) : 42ppm
9) EDTA (Zn) : 14ppm
10) Water insolubility: <=0.05
11) Appearance: blue (red, yellow, blue, green, white, black an so on) , powder
4. Package, transportation and storage
1) 25kg/bag (polyethylene inner bag contained in white plastic knitted bag)
2) Not a hazardous substance; can be shipped as regular product
3) Store in dry place
The other NPK fertilizers are as follow:
Soluble fertilizer: 10-10-43
Soluble fertilizer: 10-12-30
Soluble fertilizer: 10-20-30
Soluble fertilizer: 10-45-10
Soluble fertilizer: 10-52-10+MgO
Soluble fertilizer: 10-55-10
Soluble fertilizer: 12-12-36
Soluble fertilizer: 14-7-28
Soluble fertilizer: 15-15-30
Soluble fertilizer: 15-30-15
Soluble fertilizer: 16-8-32
Soluble fertilizer: 20-10-20
Soluble fertilizer: 20-20-20
Soluble fertilizer: 20-5-10
Soluble fertilizer: 23-7-23+MgO
Soluble fertilizer: 28-14-14
Soluble fertilizer: 30-10-10
Soluble fertilizer: 30-15-15
NPK (water soluble) which can fully soluble in water and we can offer the NPK in all kinds of specification as clients' demand. The main products materials of NPK are MAP, MKP, NOP, and you know these products are our main products, so we can ensure the competitive in the quality and price.

If the product we offered above is some different from what you require actually, kindly inform us in detail, we will be pleased to re-offer you as per yr actual requirements ASAP.

Pls note that the product pictures and our iso9001-2000 certificate will be sent to you upon yr request, and a small sample could also be sent to you for yr final checking if the price is finally acceptable.

Pls kindly check and revert at yr earliest.

Johnny Owen (Export department Manager)
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