Sell FonGate Door Entry Security System via Phone

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The FonGate system replaces the standard old type door entry systems. FonGate users can answer and open the door or gate from any standard phone, including cordless.

"You don't have to get up to open the door, just do it from any phone. . . "

Operating the FonGate is simple. When a visitor presses the button on the entry panel, all home telephones will ring with a distinctive ring . Pick up any home telephone and you are talking to the visitor outside; no button to push, no codes to remember.

To open the door or gate the user will press the Zero (0) key on the telephone keypad.

"Just a minute, I have a call waiting at the door. . . "

If the phone line is in use, FonGate will send a call waiting tone, signalling to the user that someone is at the door. The user can switch to the door caller ( and put the phone caller on hold) by pressing the Hash (#) key twice on the telephone, talk to the visitor, then press the hash key again and return to the phone conversation.

"We came to see you, but you weren't in. . . "

If no one is at home the visitor can leave a voice message on the home answering machine (if one exists) which later can be listened to by the user - same as any other voice message left by callers.

"Simple and easy to operate. . . "

Just remember: "0" to open the door; "##" to transfer to "hold".

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