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Ferrous Lactate is light yellow green crystal or powder with a slight touch of rust smell or no smell. Its molecular formula is C6H10FeO6.3H2O and the molecular weight is 288.04. It can be easily dissolved in hot water. It need to be kept in shadow and are tightcontainer. It has hotable results in the prevention and cure of iron-deficiency anemia. It's widely used in food, beverage, dairy products, table salt, nutritive liquid medicine, etc.
Quality Standard

Item GB

Total assay of Iron (As Fe) % >=18.9
Assay (As Fe2+) % >=18.0
Moisture (no crystal water) % <=2.5
Calcium salt (As Ca2+) % <=1.2
Heavy Metal (As Pb) % <=0.002
Arsenic (As As) % <=0.0001
Packing 25 kgs/barrel
Brand Name
Ferrous Lactate
Available Colors
light yellow green
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L/C; T/T ect.
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