Sell Food Grade Lutein Powder

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Food grade lutein powder is obtained from marigold flower under the processes of fermentation, extraction, concentration, saponification, and separation. Its main components are xanthophylls and dextrine

Application:Mainly used in food, medicine and health products.
Recommend dosages: 0.01-0.2% or according to requirements.
Usage: can be directly mixed with other ingredients. Please use it as soon as unsealed, or well resealed for storing.

Characteristic:Yellow fine powder. Above 90% pass 100 mesh sieve. No unpleasant smell, slightly soluble in water and vegetable oils, easily soluble in 80% or above Ethanol. PH value of 1% water-soluble solvent is from 7.5 to 8.

Quality Index:

1. Xanthophyll : 5 -80%
2. Water(%) :<=8
3. Ash (%) :<= 6.5
4. Arsenic:<=2.0mg/kg
5. Lead:<=10mg/kg
6. Total bacteria:<=1000 per gram
7. Coliform:Absent
8. Pathogenic bacteria: Absent
Package: Vacuum-packed in silver paper bags, 1kg/bag, 10bags in one barrel

Storage:Protect from light and heat. Store in cool, dry, airproof and non-pollution conditions.