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Food additive: DATEM You May Also Be Interested In: datem food additive
Ivory white powder or particle solid.
Functional uses:
It is usually used as the additive in bread, cake, butter, hydrogenated vegetable oil and vegetable oil powder, and has the functions to emulsify, increase stabilization, improve preservation, protect fresh etc.
1. Strengthen the toughness, elasticity of dough, enlarge the physical volume of the bread. Improve the structure of tissue, prolong shelf life and increase the soft feeling and pliability.
2. Complex compound can be formed by starch and DATEM to avoid starch from swelling and losing.
3. It is used as the emulsifier, dispersion agent to improve emulsification and the intermiscibility between oil and water.
4. It is used in butter to make the taste better.
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