Sell Food additive: sodium stearoyl lactylate (SSL)

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Ivory white powder or lamellar solid with a characteristic odour.
Functional uses:
Have the functions for increase toughness, emulsify, improve preservation, protect fresh etc. It can be used in baked products, steamed bread, noodles, dumplings etc. Also used as an emulsifier in margarine or fresh cream or cosmetics.
1. Strengthen the toughness, elasticity of doughing; enlarge the physical volume of the bread and the steamed bread. Improve the construction of tissue.
2. Make the surface of bread and noodles smoother. Decrease the rate of rupture.
3. Make biscuit mold unloading easily, and make the external appearance tidy, the level of structure clear, and the taste crisp.
4. There is an interaction between SSL and amylose to make the time of preservation longer.
5. Enlarge the physical volume of frozen food. Improve the construction of tissue. Avoiding the surface to split up and prevent the filling to leak.
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