Sell Food emulsifier: glyceryl monostearate (GMS)

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Ivory white powder or lamellar solid.
Functional uses:
It is usually as the additive in candy, ice cream, cake, and bread, which has the functions to emulsify, disperse, anti-forth, bulge, anti-starch, improve preservation, protect fresh and control the lipid to agglutinate in the food.
1. It is used in chocolate, candy and ice cream to avoid the sand surge to crystallize and prevent the separations between oil and water. It can increase the shine and the exquisite feeling.
2. To make the emulsion stable in butterine.
3. Increase emulsification in creamy sweet and galactosidase.
4. It is used in bread to improve the construction of tissue, augment storage life and increase the soft feeling and pliability.
Dispersive in hot water, soluble in ethanol or hot oil and fat. HLB = 3.6-4.2.
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