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This product is the new type nano disinfection product that first obtained national sanitation certificate. Tested by national authority department, it can rapidly and strongly sterilize all kinds of epiphytes, mildew, tinea, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. that induce dermatophytosis, feet itch, abhorrent feet smell, gray nail, etc. It also can effectively cut off the intercross infection of pathogens among feet, shoes and socks, can rapidly get rid of the abhorrent smell and sweat. It can maintain the sanitation of the feet with sterilization action as long as 12 hours. This product contains no alcohol, while its prescription of nanoemulsion is mild in proper, comfortable and clear without any stimulation. It is fresh and clear with no necessity of cleaning after use. It has no toxic or side effect to the human being, so it is the excellent product of feet disinfection, clean and care of the new era.