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Bio-Detox machine is designed to detoxify the body with the aim of improving general wellbeing and may be used as a preventative health care treatment.

This amazing new treatment involves placing the feet in a "foot spa" of warm water, which holds the "Bio-Detox" unit. This sophisticated "array" causes ionisation of the water to help help re-balance electro-magnetic forces of the cellular system within the body. You could say that the unit causes a sort of electro dialysis by producing electromagnetic oscillations in the water, that pass into the body via the feet. The idea being, that this rebalances the polarity of the of the electromagnetic charge between the inside and outside of the body's cells to a healthier state. As a result this stimulates the cells to release toxins that maybe held within them and therefore, allows them to function more efficiently to enable them to work together toward a healthier state of health.

The water tends to change colour due to the release of various substances (including toxins) through the 2000 pores on the soles of each foot. The colour and appearance vary greatly from person to person and some are clear indications of certain toxins.

You immerse your feet in warm water of the foot spa unit with the the Bio-Detox machine's array in place. We set the machine to the most appropriate settings and ionisation levels for that particular person. Considering factors, such as, age, general health, fitness, life style, habits, energy levels, etc.

Then you sit back and relax for 30 minutes whilst Bio-Detox machine completes its cycle of treatment.

You will see the excreted toxins in the water, which we have to admit aren't always pleasant, but would you rather they be in the water or still in your body?

The water almost always changes colour and consistency, usually progressing from orange to brown through to black in the worst cases.
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