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INTRODUCTION (partial details)
1. 6 kinds of formality; 5 brand strength; 1-4 has adjust strength function;5-6 formality auto-control strength. Between the two formality changes, the formality will show 3 brands, you can adjust by yourself.
2. Can adjust thermo, 3 kinds of formality, 3 kinds of strength.
3. Digital adjust temperature function:
1. . The water in the tub around 7L, the deepest is 200mm, the temperatures will increase 1,20C /minute, this speed can test when the environment temperature is 250C, 7L.
2. . Digital method control the temperature, the highest temperature is 500C, when the tubs temperature over 520C, there will be stopping heating. Buzzer will be sound out 5 to remind you of the over 500C, If you signal switch the heat function maybe the temperature of the water lost balance, then you can switch on the liberate massage, thermo or function so that the water in the tub keep balance.
3. . The level of waters control function: the highest of the massages top is the lowest water line in the tub, the center of the tubs is the common level, the highest of the water level is limited the tubs highest position. If you poor the water is lower than the lowest water level, cant use the heat function, press the HEAT key therell spread 8 sounds, the protections light show 8 times that means lack of water, the other work is on rule. Any fault operation wont take bad effect.
4. . Protect insurance: the heat system adopt water-power separate patent instrument, match with micro-computer control, realize the on-power creepages protection. If you operate adjust temperatures function there singout 16 sounds and the protection show 16 times so that heat machines uncreepages function is lower than the standard, need change a new noe.
4. Timing function: it set 10, 20.30,40 minute, four kinds in all, it cant be start to use if the function havent turn on.
5. Telecontrol function: operate all the function.
6. The flash infrared function: 8 infrared lights, they can bright according to the innervations cadence.
7. The ozone function: it is the fourth level of surf, it work on the control.
8. Super water circle insufflations function: there is a nozzle in the middle of basin, do not make the water over the nozzle during work, it would be better, and the water sparge from the other tow side. Another one is the mean of surf. It enclosed automatic drain function.
9. Setting the process in advance---the key board fund: the product setting three sets of program, through program/close key to control.
10. The original creation patent electric moxibustion therapeutics function:
This function is only for CL-502, it can only handle by the control. Other operation would be stop when this function work, it have five kinds patterns, every of the function start, the intension is considered to be the lowest level, to avoid any ill taste, this function would bring you some unexpected feeling, beside the pregnant woman, the heart disease patient and all the people who is impressionable for pulse current.
11. The particular super color number display.
are all use the big color screen display, it make the product seems to be special and exquisite.

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