Sell Forage harvesting complex K-G-6 "POLESIE"

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Complex consists from universal power vehicle UES-250 (280) , UES-2-250A (2-280A) Polesie and semi-mounted forage harvester KPK-3000 (Polesie-3000) .
The harvesting complex is intended for harvesting grass and fodder crops, including wax-ripened maize, sorghum, sunflower and other high-stemmed crops, for picking-up mass from swaths with simultaneous crushing and loading into a transporter wagon.
Power vehicle as self-propelled agricultural machine can be used for aggregation with other agricultural devices for different agricultural processes carried by machines with rotary active operating tools.
Testing records in Central Chernozemnaia machine testing center No. 14-36-2003
Certificate of conformity for UES-250 (280) No. ROSS BY. RB01. B09255, for UES-2-250A (2-280A) No. ROSS BY. RB01. B08597

Advantages of complex K-G-6:
1. Н Header for grass mowing.
2. Н Device of longitudinal copying.
3. Harvester KPK-3000 equipped with detector of metal parts and stones.
4. Disc chopping device providing high quality of chopping and crushing of corn seeds ensures weight increases of the cattle up to 200 grams daily and milk yield increases up to 2 litres.
In contrast to harvester KSK-100A and its analogue complex equipped with radial-disc chopper, which provides maximal high quality of leaf-and-stem mass chopping and corn seeds crashing.